“Tween Girls Bombarded with Unhealthy Messages” by Erika Weisensee

This article discusses how media bombards girls between 8 to 12 years old with articles, ads, dolls, and toys geared toward developing their “sexiness” factor before they are mentally or emotionally ready. This reminds me of a news article several years ago about a store selling thong underwear to this age group. The store was forced to pull the article after so much negative press.

Some parents may think it is cute to make their daughter look like a little adult, but not in too short skirts and halter tops. Kids are only kids for so many years. It is much more age appropriate to dress them so that they can swing on the monkey bars, play kickball and run around the park or playground.
This article appears on OregonWomensReport.com, posted April 22, 2009.


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I am Teacher Librarian at Piedmont High School in the San Francisco East Bay. I am a part time reference Librarian I for the San Francisco Public Library. I have a Masters in Library and Information Sciences from San Jose State and a Teacher Librarian credential in addition to my teaching credential in Science. My first MA was from Harvard in Archaeology. My students teach me something new every time I am with them!
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