Best Books for Middle School and Junior High Readers by John Gillespie and Catherine Barr

this very useful book is the Supplement to the First Edition. It covers “more than 2,600 titles published from early 2004 to early 2006, most of which have been recommended in at least two sources” (back cover). It includes both fiction and non fiction for young teens and include the ISBN, reading level and review citations.

They have set this book up well for cross referencing and finding subjects. The Contents has Major Subjects Arranged Alphabetically. You can search under literary forms such as Fiction: Historical Fiction and Foreign Lands: Prehistory. There is an author index, a title index and a subject/grade level index.

As an example, I can search the Title Index for Harry Potter. I find Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 496 (F). I go to entry 496 in Fiction and find that is also the Fantasy section. Entry 496 on p. 32 states, “Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (5-12). 2005, Scholastic LB $34.99 (0-439-78677-0). 672pp. In this sixth and penultimate volume, Harry, now 16, begins mapping a strategy to defeat the evil Lord Voldemort. (Rev: BL 8/05*, SLJ /05; VOYA 10/05). These last entries tell me it was reviewed in Booklist, School Library Journal, and Voice of Youth Advocates.

My search of the Subject/Grade Level Index did not yield entries under Journey or Quest, although there were several entries under Heroes and Heroism, including Poetry and Short Stories. If I check IJ:1281 I find on page 101: Delano, Marfe Ferguson. American Heroes (5-8). Illus. 2005, National Geographic LB $45.90…fifty men and women whose heroism has helped to shape America…”. Nifty. The 5-8 indicates grades 5-8.

It is found under 028.535 Gillespie 2006 in the library.
ISBN 1-59158-411-6, 339 pages.


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I am Teacher Librarian at Piedmont High School in the San Francisco East Bay. I am a part time reference Librarian I for the San Francisco Public Library. I have a Masters in Library and Information Sciences from San Jose State and a Teacher Librarian credential in addition to my teaching credential in Science. My first MA was from Harvard in Archaeology. My students teach me something new every time I am with them!
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