Soul Eater, by Michelle Paver

This is the third book of the Chronicles of Darkness, set 6,000 years ago in prehistoric Europe, pre agriculture. Each book takes our hero Torak to a different environmental zone (or two). Torak knows he is a Spirit Walker who can inhabit the body of animals in emergencies.

In the last book he was responsible for the death of the Seal Mage who was one of the seven Soul Eaters. Torak’s father was a soul eater who left the group as they became too power hungry and as a result was killed by a demon bear in the first book. Early in this book Wolf is kidnapped (wolf napped) in the frozen north near the glaciers and mountains. Soon it is apparent that the Soul Eaters have captured each of the seven predators: polar bear, wolf, otter, wolverine, bat, lynx, and fox. They hold them prisoner in a deep cave where they are to be sacrificed to bring the power to the fire opal and the Soul Eaters. Torak and his friend Renn, the niece of the leader of Raven Clan, must work to free them before it is too late. Most of the book takes place in the cave.

ISBN 10: 0-06-072831-0, c. 2007, 323 pages.


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