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Wolf Brother, by Michelle Paver

TJhis the first in Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, followed by Spirit Walker. The author did a great job of archaeological research and talked with experts who could give her tips on survival techniques, uses of native plants, hunting, and … Continue reading

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Serving Young Teens and ‘Tweens, ed. Shiela Anderson

jThe great thing about this book is that it is a very practical, rather than totally theoretical sort of book. I am hanging on to it as I want to read a number of suggested books for tweens. It also … Continue reading

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With Honors, a movie about Harvard student life and life

First of all I must make the disclaimer that I was a graduate student at Harvard in the 1980’s. This movie portrays 4 roommates from the Class of 1994 in their senior year. It brought back lots of memories, and … Continue reading

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Avatar, the movie

I think I could say everything is bigger on Pandora. A space colony is established on Pandora, a terran type planet, to mine a rare mineral, unobtainium with sell for millions of dollars an ounce. A former marine joins the … Continue reading

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Over Sea, Under Stone, by Susan Cooper

Simon scrambled to his feet and went to crouch close to him, peering at the manuscript on his knee. “Then the map must show where the grail is. I say, suppose we find it? What will it mean?”
“It will mean all kinds of things,” Great-Uncle Merry said grimly. “And not all of them pleasant, perhaps.”
“What will it look like? What is a grail, anyway?” Continue reading

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Battle for Terra, an animated film

This film opens on another planet where the inhabitants are peaceful, intelligent and ingenious. At one time they almost destroyed their planet, but they brought it back into a harmonious balence. One day a space craft throws a dark shadow … Continue reading

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The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin

The Westing Game was a book my daughter close for finishing her summer reading sponsored by the Berkeley Library. It is a puzzle mystery and I enjoyed reading it today and working out at least some of the puzzle early … Continue reading

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