Red 2, a film

I enjoyed the first film and this one is even better! I love Helen Mirren and Catherine Zeta-Jones. They both put in strong performances as British and Russian spies respectively. The crazy academic is Anthony Hopkins. Bruce Willis plays an american spy with a wide-eyed girlfriend from Kansas. John Malkovich is his buddy, with not always helpful comments on relationships. They have to locate a “red mercury” bomb and disarm it. Meanwhile assassins are trying to kill them. The film ranges from the USA to Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Moscow.

In one of my favorite scenes, the girlfriend is posing as a Russian security guard in the basement of the Kremlin. To keep anyone from going through a doorway, she has been instructed to say, “Gas leak. Maintenance crew has been called” in Russian. She uses this on a young soldier but he comes over to chat her up and ask her out for a drink. She has no idea what he is saying so she replies, “Da.” When the team comes back for her she is in a clinch with the Russian. This seems to actually be her talent to get the bad guys to cooperate.

There is also a funny scene where they are tracking someone in Paris. John Malkovich, Helen and the girlfriend come back decked out from a shopping expedition.

Lots of great car chases, planes being stolen, shoot outs, etc. If you like action packed adventure films with spies, you will enjoy this. No protracted torture, which I really dislike. I also like that the women are very proactive and accomplished. They don’t need a hero to rescue them.

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