The Cage by Audrey Schulman

You probably have seen a shark cage, where the diver is inside the cage with his or her camera, while the great white sharks bang into the cage with their blunt snouts. Now image a slight young woman with her cameras on her first National Geographic assignment. She is in the Arctic with a guide and two male photographers. She was chosen for the assignment partly because she is small enough to fit inside a cage set out on the ice. Her objective is filming polar bears as they move around her cage and crawl on top of it.

I wanted to go to Churchill, Canada, at some point in my travels, to see the polar bears. After reading this book, my opinion of that activity has changed significantly. I will be happy to look at photos of these amazing animals. They are very large, very fast, very smart predators…and very hungry.

I was entertained by the author’s portraits of the three photographers, how they interact with each other, and their guide, who is a bit mysterious but has had some very bad experiences guiding expeditions in the Arctic.

This is the author’s first book. It is a well written, compelling read.

ISBN 0-380-72970-9, $10.00, Avon Books Trade Paperbacks, 228 pages, copyright 1994.


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