Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange

I love Jane Austen’s books. A number of modern authors have written books as continuations of “Pride and Prejudice.” I enjoyed a recent PBS Mystery called “Murder at Pemberly” about a house party after Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are married. In “Mr. Darcy, Vampyre,” Elizabeth and Darcy are on their wedding tour. Instead of going to the Lake District, he takes her to Europe to visit family and friends in Paris, Venice, a castle in the Alps, and a palace near Rome.

Little hints keep popping up that Mr. Darcy and some of his friends might by vampires. There are the two scars on the side of his throat. At the castle, his uncle has no mirrors in the entire residence. A friend in Venice has sumptuous gowns from several centuries ago.

It is a fun, adventurous romp, written in the Austen style. It is appropriate to a Young Adult audience. Even though there is creepy suspense, kidnapping, and mobs with torches, there is no graphic violence or displays of affection beyond kissing.

ISBN 13:978-1-4022-3697-6.  2009: Sourcebooks Landmark. 308 pages.


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