Source Code, a film by Duncan Jones, Director of Moon

Source Code is one of the best thrillers I have seen in some time. It is a fresh idea when so many films lately are remakes or extensions of a previous series (007, Man from UNCLE, MI-5, Mission Impossible). A man wakes on a hurtling train. The woman across from him seems to know him. He is disoriented. She thinks he is someone else.

Somewhat like “Groundhog Day,” he lives the scene on the train over and over again. Each time, he is able to change something or something slightly different happens.

He catches a glimpse of himself reflected in the train window and realizes he looks like a different person. Several small incidents occur and then the train blows up.

He awakens disoriented in what looks like the inside of a wrecked helicopter. A woman from the Army communicates with him via a screen from a lab somewhere. She is following the orders of a neuroscientist.

The premise is that he can be sent “back” to a parallel dimension and report back information about the terrorist and the bomb that blew up the train. In the interim, he falls for the woman across from him, played by Michelle Monaghan.

There is palpable tension in the film. I was on the edge of my seat. What could go wrong next?

I found this copy at the El Cerrito Library.





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