Iron Jawed Angels, film

This is a moving film on the fight for Women’s Suffrage in the United States. Iron Jawed Angels stars Hilary Swank, Julia Ormond, Angelica Huston, and Frances O’Connor. Just after the Presidential Election, it is being shown in classes at our high school. We have had the right for women to vote since 1920 and it was a long, bitter fight getting to that point. We owe a debt to those women who fought for equality under the government.

Love the line where they are talking about the President with reporters. One male reporter says “he…or she.” Alice Paul (Hilary Swank) says something to the effect of “Wonderful, give that man a cookie.” When the government votes you see a man receiving a telegram from his mother. He switches his vote at the last minute in favor of women’s right to vote.

Inspiring film. Parental Warning: A few scenes might be hard on children younger than high school (force feeding in the jail, etc.).

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