Personal Learning Network

I first put together my Personal Learning Network by brain storming all the people and organizations I thought might be helpful as I evolve into a librarian. I set them up on this blog page. Then I went to and worked on putting them into some interrelationship with me and each other. A network is a very organic sort of thing. I had a technical problem in not being able to draw arrows with two heads on them, showing information going both ways. When you look at my diagram, please assume that information flows in both directions. It also started to get pretty crowded with all the arrows so I didn’t put in all the possible arrows. Here is a “graphic representation” of my network made on <img src=””/.

I chose color schemes I thought would work well as groups. For example, the social networking sites were in reds, the libraries in greens, the librarians and future librarians in blues. I made the blogs in the shape of containers for all the information they contain and used olives and ochres. I made the networking sites star shaped because all my friends are stars, of course, and also because information flows in and out of them at so many points. Information can also flow both ways with sites like the ALA. I can read articles and go to conferences. I can write articles and maybe eventually poster or speak at a conference. Professors and other students and my friends who are libraries all also interact with the ALA. I also listed colleges and sororities because I find my associations have been beneficial in more ways than I can count and I constantly find librarian friends from the same undergrad or grad schools and even some sorority sisters. I also received a scholarship from PEO, a group that benefits women with families who are going back to school. I hope to be able to contribute back to them in the future as well.

At the bottom of the page are the hyperlinks to libraries, networking sites, professional societies, librarians, fellow students  (in some cases I don’t have a hyperlink so the name is just listed):


Blue Skunk (Doug Johnson)

Never Ending Search (Joyce)

Unquiet Library (Buffy Hamilton)

Mother Reader (Liz Burns)

Friends of the El Cerrito Library

Hoover Library, Stanford University

Social Networking Sites I use:


Linked In

My Space

Yahoo groups:

Slis group

Library newsletters, sites:

ALA — receive their E-newsletter

CLA — member

California State Teaching Credential

More professional contacts:

Ellie, teacher librarian, Berkeley High School

Jeff Findley, Reference Librarian, Berkeley Public Library, Main Branch

Laura Martine, Librarian, El Cerrito Public Library,

Ilene Sheng, Librarian, Oxford School Library

Mary Ann Harlan, advisor and professor, MLIS, SJSU

Profs at SJSU whose classes I have taken: Robert Boyd, Mary Ann Harlan, Shirley Lukenbill, Steven Tash, Virginia Tucker.

Julie, a SLIS student about to enter her last semester. I enjoy our meetings at Fat Apple’s over Ollalaberry pie and her recommendations of professors and classes to tackle.

Friends who recommend good books:  Cheryl Prueher (my sister), Elizabeth Martinez, Barbara Kaplan, Ondi and Julie (mothers of my daughter’s friends).

The women of the Kensington PEO chapter who believed in me enough to grant me a $1200.00 scholarship for spring 2011 at SJSU.

My friends and classmates at the Social Security Administration who don’t find it (very) odd that I am pursuing a Masters at the same time I am in training for my government post.

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