YA Media I have Viewed, Read, or Listened To

Starting at the end of May through early August, 2010, I wrote about books, audio books, movies, youtube videos, blogs, television shows, news and other media I thought 9-14 year olds would be interested in reading or viewing. This project included my short reviews of the media.

I knew there were lots of books out there, but by August, I felt like I had barely scratched the surface. Worse, I only had time to read one book each out of several series, which I generally liked enough to want to read the other books in the series. In September I started my next set of graduate courses. I dispair of having time to read these other books. I have always maintained book lists of books I have stumbled across or that have been recommended by friends. I have some books that have sat on the list for a decade or more. And yet, there is always a stack of books on my kitchen table, dresser, and/or bedside table. How can this be? How can I have more than 100 movies on my Blockbuster queue. I feel a bit like Sisyphus.

Starting September, 2010, I shifted my focus to concentrate on classes in reading for 5-8 years olds and a class to develop skills to be a school librarian. You will find pages on literature for Elementary School age children and on the Ultimate School Library. I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

As to recent literature and films, I recently saw Religulous where a comic goes out to interview Americans about their religous beliefs. I am not a very religous person but I think just about everyone will find some aspect of this film that will offend them. But, if you can be open minded, it also brings up lots of questions for discussion. It is like Michael Moore’s movies in that I believe is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable.

I enjoyed the film Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts. I had read the book and have been to Italy, India and Bali multiple times. I wanted to see how they would be portrayed. I felt like it was also fairly true to life. They made the India part more interesting than it had seemed in the book. And the guy she falls in love with in Bali is a wonderful middle aged hunk. Maybe he has a brother??

Most of the books I have been reading appear in their own reviews.

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