The Ultimate School Library

Send me your comments about what you remember about your school library. What made it special? Was there a favorite time you interacted with your school librarian? Did you have a favorite section or type of book. What would make a school library really enjoyable?

I still remember a very kind librarian at our public library. I was about 9 and I was checking out a big stack of books. The librarian asked me if I would like a paper bag to carry my books home in. I thought that was such a nice thing to do for me. About that time I had decided that I would read every book in the library. I started down one shelf, but soon realized that I liked some kinds of books more than others.

In the next five months I will have a chance to consider the ultimate school library. I will be interning at a local high school library and at a local elementary school library as the fieldwork for my Teacher Librarian credential. I am fortunate to be at one of the only high school libraries in California with two credentialed teacher librarians. I had my first day of interning last week. I really enjoyed helping several students to find resources for their research, polish graphs for a presentation and lay out a poster. I will update my experience here from time to time.

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